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Håkan Nyberg
Chief Executive Officer
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Jacob Kaplan
Chief Financial Officer
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Jenny Garneij
Chief Human Capital Officer
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Carina Tovi
Chief Operating Officer
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Johan Tidestad
Chief Communications Officer
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Sylvia Tande
Head of Personal Loans
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Dennis Hettema
Chief Product Officer
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Hans Strömblad van Eijk
Chief Analytics Officer
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Tuva Palm
Chief Technology Officer
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Eva Trouin
Country Manager Sweden
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Anders Skar
Country Manager Norway
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Max Gandrup
Country Manager Denmark
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Niklas Odenwall
Country Manager Finland
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CEO and Group Management

The CEO manages operations within the framework established by the Board. The applicable instruction for the CEO was adopted by the Board on 21 April 2016. The CEO produces the requisite information and decision data prior to Board meetings, presents issues and justifies proposals for decisions.

The CEO manages the work of the management team and makes decisions in consultation with other executive members. The management team holds weekly meetings at which they discuss operational issues. In addition, the team produces a business plan each year which is followed up via monthly reports. In addition to these weekly meetings, most members of the management team meet every day. The rapid development of the company means that daily contact is a must for management and leadership to function. The management team is made up of managers of essential business areas within the Nordnet Group.

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Investor Contact

Johan Tidestad
Chief Communications Officer
+46 8 506 334 82
+46 708 87 57 75

Press Contact

Henrik Edström
PR manager
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Career Contact

Jenny Garneij
Chief Human Capital Officer
+46 8 506 330 42
+46 733 23 77 70